Creating a reputation, a business must be sure that his good name will not be used by unscrupulous market entities, it should therefore attend to the patenting of the trademark, which will be the emblem and distinctive sign of its products. Registration is carried out by the Federal service for intellectual property, located at the address: Moscow, Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya, d. 30, korp.1. The official website of Rospatent:
And received a certificate confirming his ownership of the trademark, the entrepreneur can safely apply to the court if there is evidence of its illegal copying. The protection of that right from the time of application, which is very important, as the time consideration up to one year.
The first step in a trademark registration goes directly to its creation. It is made in color and contains graphic or alphanumeric code, or both. The image should not be is the quality of the goods or to repeat its appearance. Patented already a lot of brands, so below full duplication or partial similarity with existing logos do not cause the return of your application, you need to search in the database of Rospatent, while its objects are not only Russian but also international emblems.
After receiving the search results and adjusting if necessary, your trademark, you can proceed to the application and its immediate sending to the Federal service either by Fax with further submission of the original. Such haste is sometimes useful when we urgently need to secure their rights to the logo.
The statement should be a clear description of the trademark indicating its structural features and their values, a key to abbreviations and transliteration of the Latin alphabet. Next is written the numeric category of the product and its description. So, clothing belongs to a class of 25. The document must contain a full image of the brand, but if it is bulky in three dimensions.
The application be added to six additional cards with the logo, is doubled in size 8*8cm, and the receipt of payment of registration fee. After a long wait received a letter with the result, and if it is positive, you should pay another fee for issuance of the certificate. A patent trademark is valid for 10 years. For the year to the end of the line it should be extended.