You will need
  • manufacturer's warranty on products, sanitary certificates, fire safety certificates, copies of certificates, technical documentation for the manufactured or imported products.
First we need to obtain information on how to submit to the certification body. After this point the application in the prescribed form for certification, submit a sample and technical documentation for the products and pay for the certification.
Gather the necessary documents. To obtain the certificate , the application will include manufacturer's warranty on products that are subject to certification, sanitary certificates, fire safety certificates, etc. (depending on what products you would like to certify), copies of certificates issued by competent authorities of the country of manufacturer (if available), as well as normative-technical documentation for the manufactured or imported products.
The certification body will review your application within two weeks and will communicate the decision on conditions and procedure for certification, conduct analysis of production status (if envisaged by certification scheme) and the product samples to identify it. Or give this task to another competent organization.
Further, the laboratory is conducting sampling and testing. After that, the laboratory issues a test report to obtain the certificate.
The certification body shall evaluate conformity of product to established requirements and makes a decision on issuance of the certificate or refusal. In case a positive decision, issued the certificate of conformity, which is recorded in the state register of the certification System GOST R.
After completing all formalities, the certificate of compliance is issued to the applicant.