Find out the date of birth of lovers, and decide which sign applies to each of them. Note that according to the Eastern calendar countdown year begins not on 1 January. It can fall on any day from January 21 to February 21, inclusive. It should be borne in mind that the animal names in the different calendars can be different. The year of the Rooster may be called the year of the Chicken, wild Boar, Mouse – Rat, Cow Bull or Buffalo, a Hare, a rabbit or a Cat, Sheep – RAM or Goat, a Dragon, a Crocodile.
When drawing up the marriage horoscopes, tied to the year of birth, Oriental sages used and systematized historically important marriages. They identified the main groups and types of marriage compatibility. So the option of marriage, when husband and wife are born in the year of the Horse, Tiger or Dog they believe to be marriage companions, if both spouses are United by their common Affairs and goals. In such households always reign peace and quiet, comfort and harmony, if both spouses are ready to compromise and to consider the characteristics of those signs under which they were born.
Lots of love promises Eastern horoscope spouses who were born in the year of the Rat, Monkey or Dragon. But in such a marriage are often dominated by emotions, and every conflict situation can end with scandal. My husband will take good will, not to use their rights to the detriment of the wife. Wife can be advised to soften his temper and not to rebel against her loving spouse.
In those couples that were born under the sign of the Rooster, the Snake or the Bull, to be ruled by a cult of women. Wives in such a marriage should not be determined to go ahead, and to pursue its policy of softly pushing into the wife and letting him feel that the head of the family in any case he remains. Husband will not resist the leading role of the wife, if would be for her credibility.
This peaceful haven will be the marriage between those who were born in the year of the Cat, Boar, or Goat, he would be riddled with romanticism and dreaminess. If the wife will be able to provide calm and comfort, my husband will be successful in its financing activities.