Love and marriage

People born in the year of the Rabbit, not inclined to show his feelings to anyone. They need some time to get to know and be able, finally, to open to your partner. For all his natural gentleness of character, the Rabbit can fight back at the right time.

Unfortunately, the Rat is often wrongly perceive the Rabbit as having a weak personality. She begins to actively suppress their partner. Sometimes the desire to dominate leads active Rat very far. She begins to behave aggressively, very eccentric and openly defiant. The rabbit will turn a blind eye to such behavior. After all those wonderful moments that he is able to give the Rat is undoubtedly worth it.

Rabbit, watching the restless behavior of Rats, begins with time, it correctly to manipulate. He skillfully plays on her weaknesses. People born under the sign of the Rat, characterized by instability of the nervous system. Often, they often live at the margin. If the Rabbit will not be able to neutralize, distract or calm their half, the Rat can frankly get bored and lose the taste for life.

In Rats, craving for travel and adventure. Without new experiences, she is simply uninteresting to live. The Bunny needs to accept it and often try to entertain their beloved Rat.The most desired gift for Rats would be a trip around the world together with your loved one.

All the care about the financial well-being in this pair Rat takes over. Rabbit needs the support, and a Rat can become for him a reliable support.

The Rabbit and Rat is very similar temperaments. If they are imbued with deep feelings, it can make the couple happy.

Male Rat will continuously patronize the woman Rabbit. He will learn to gauge her mood and try to make their life together more comfortable and secured.

Female Rabbit needs to be sensitive to the fact that the Rat is simply vital to constantly be in motion. Attempts to tame and "domesticate" the Rat almost always end in failure. Easier to put up with his constant absence at home than to spoil his life unsuccessful a showdown.

A male Rabbit can take on a woman's shoulders Rats burdens. Soft, and sometimes sleepy Rabbit sees the Rat a strong personality, able to cope with everyday problems. Undoubtedly, the Rat is a very responsible and strong but not to that extent. Every woman, deep down, wants to be weak, and to see the person on whom you can count on. The Bunny needs to understand the Rat that he is ready to share all the burdens. Only then can the Union be viable

Friendship and business partnership

Friendship between Rat and Rabbit develop favorably. They get along well and have a great understanding of each other's problems. They don't get to see often, to be aware of all the Affairs of his friend. Sometimes, they may not communicate over the years, but then still renew relations.

In the business Rat better not mess with the Rabbit. Partners will attempt to use each other at every opportunity. The desire to capture the leadership will have a negative impact on the overall business. Rabbit is hard to find a common language with the Rat, especially when it comes to money. However, sometimes you can find happy exceptions, but still the Rabbit and the Rat is better to stay away from each other in business, especially when it comes to large enterprises. From this cooperation will be more trouble than real benefit.