Astrologers believe that people whose birth fell on the year of the Goat (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027), characterized by extreme elegance and artistry. The goat is able to charm, as charm it not to occupy. Many people born in other years, even jealous of her. Because I think that the Goat can easily obtain all the desired results.

Positive traits

A striking feature of the man born in the year of the Goat – the ability to help, and to share the last piece of bread. This explains her desire to do charity work. The goat is not greed, has a high creative abilities. She is attentive, sensitive and intelligent. Unfortunately, this person ceases to be cute when the situation does not suit her.

Negative traits

Goat can to slam the door and leave, without saying goodbye, if they consider that it makes no sense to bring it started to end. In this case, you do not wait for explanations. Goat can you naderite, and the house depressed.

This driven person who often suffers from nervous tension. Often, the Goat is indecisive, and it prevents her to succeed, even if all the conditions.

What will happen to the goat in different periods of life

The childhood of such people is usually. Children of the Goat is humble and does not like to attract attention to himself. They are charming and a bit passive.

But with 17 years Goats there is a need to prove that still waters run deep. From a balanced person, the representative of this year suddenly can turn into a rowdy person! Many people at this age are addicted to gambling. It is very difficult to stop.

Fortunately, the man-Goat - lucky in life, and many failures he manages to get around. It should be noted that men and women this year tend to early marriages. Many of them are able to arrange their personal lives, which do not Harbor strong feelings.

A goat can blind wealth of the satellite. Especially aspire to a comfortable existence of a woman. At the age of 20 to 24-year representatives this year are able to feel a decline of energy forces. Simply put, there may be situations in which the Goat is closed in itself. It's a big risk for her to miss a number of important events in his life.

During this period the mastery of the professions the goat is difficult. It is best to avoid commercial activities, and to draw their attention to the field of art: scene, fashion, design. It is desirable that the professional field of human-Goat was built on a flexible schedule, because the representatives of this year are not very disciplined.

After 24 years in man-Goat entering a crucial phase in the life stage. It is manifested in over-activity of the individual. During this period, the Goat reinvents value in their life may acquire a second profession or re-marriage, breaking the bonds in the first.

To 30 years the Goat is used to getting what he wanted and calm return to her. It should be noted that in family life, this somewhat capricious, but the partner forgives him for his charm and ability to care for children. The goat is so passionate about the education of the child that is able to forget about other areas of life.

In the region of 40 years a person's life-Goats still flowing steadily. She is sometimes lazy and prefers to avoid everything that disturbs its tranquility.

The gray in the head, a demon edge. This can be said of the goat, when she is between 45-55 years. This period can bring surprises. A goat's life can cause serious temptation. For example, sympathy from the opposite sex outside the family.

Maybe the stars will align so that the man-goat at this time will have the opportunity to try themselves in new roles. A personality of this year at this age have made a fantastic career! For example, Mikhail Gorbachev, at age 54 became the General Secretary of the Communist party.

Goat - perfect production worker! If health does not frighten, it can work up to 70 years. I must say that the majority of people born in the year of the Goat, long - living. After 70 years they can live happily in the circle of his family and friends.