For those looking for the answer to the question in 1985 – the year of what animal, we should know that according to the Eastern calendar 85 year began on 20 February. This implies that those born before this date, born in the year of the Wooden Rat. And for those born after 20.02.85, protects the Bull. The element of the year – the tree, colour – blue.

After asking the question, "1985 - the year of what animal" born at this time will want to find out what traits gave them a Wooden Bull.

It is of a creative nature, they are inherent liveliness of mind, ardent temperament, initiative. These leadership qualities enable people to be good leaders. Blue Ox understands how to unite any team. But often it interferes with excessive straightforwardness and even ruthlessness. The Bull, being the excellent employee, the same zeal requires from the other, squeezing of the subordinates high. But there is something that is appreciated these people more work – it's their family.

So, 1985. The year of what animal it represents – to understand. What can we say about family life of this representative of the Eastern horoscope? Clearly, the issue of gender equality is not even discussed, as the Bull is the representative of the classic views, absolute conservative. The way this family will be the traditional husband – breadwinner, wife takes care of the family, as a perfect housewife.

The Ox is honest and straightforward, and therefore not wait no catch from others, especially from his half as a consequence rare to find a Bull jealous. People matching this horoscope are not in conflict, they can love, they have such wonderful qualities as loyalty and responsibility. But romance none of them.

1985 according to the Oriental horoscope is the year of the Ox. But each year there are 4 seasons. What can you say about those born in 1985 in winter? I guess they were lucky more than everyone else, because they will always see the fruits of your labor, to enjoy them. Happy autumn and Bulls, they will remove a rich harvest from the fields of their work. In this sense, less fortunate born in the spring and summer. Their labour will often be daunting, but the result will leave much to be desired.