You will need
  • knife;
  • - cutting Board;
  • - silicone tube;
  • pan;
  • - skimmer;
  • - water.
Clear head of garlic from the top layer of peel and separate the cloves from each other. Take a garlic clove and cut it off the base and the tip. Put the clove on a cutting Board and gently press it with the blade of a kitchen knife, positioning it horizontally to the table surface. Press the slice before you will hear a distinctive click. It signifies that the husk separated from the garlic and you are ready to clean other teeth.
Another option is cleaning the garlic to release from the skin at the same time a few cloves. Divide the head into pieces. Then take the cloves and roll them with your palm on a flat and solid surface. After the husks back, clean the next batch of garlic the same way.
By the way, the same principle operates a special device for peeling garlic. It is a silicone tube with a length of about 10 cm with serrated edges. To clean down inside the garlic clove. Press lightly on the tube and roll it on the table. After that, just shake it a peeled clove and peel.
Greatly accelerates the process of purification of ordinary water. Pour the separated garlic cloves with cold water and leave them for 10 minutes. During this time, the husk will get soggy and will fall behind the garlic much easier. The faster method involves treating vegetables with boiled water. Dip garlic cloves in a pot of boiling water and leave them there for no more than half a minute. Remove with a slotted spoon and let cool thoroughly. Press down on the cloves and remove them softened the skin. This method is quite effective, however, when garlic is cooked, it evaporates a large amount of vitamins and phytoncides.