You will need
  • Table, products, Souvenirs, gifts, flowers,tickets.
Get ready to celebration together with your son or daughter. Time will unite you, and the holiday goes well.
If you plan to spend long awaited birthday party at home, serve a beautiful and large table. Carefully consider the menu. Sandwiches, canapés, sweet soft drinks is perfect. At the end of the meal, serve a cake with candles. After all the sweets I love all and at any age.
Allow your teenager to invite to his birthday friends. In advance discuss with him how much. Give each guest Souvenirs.
Do not sit down with your teen and his friends. At this age they want to be apart from their parents and relatives.
Resources permitting, continue the celebration in the entertainment center. The whole company play bowling or ride on rollers. No one would mind participating in the fun of the whole family.
Later, invite everyone to go to the cinema or to the disco. You can pre-purchase all tickets.
To top it off the birthday, give the birthday boy a gift. If desired, make a few gifts. Give them gradually throughout the day. If teen girl, presented her flowers.Make your child's holiday special and bright. Let him remember it for many years and will remember him with love and joy/