Before you organize a holiday, you need to talk to the child and to decide which friends he would like to see on your Day of birth. Then make a guest list and prepare invitations for them. They need to be sent well in advance, this is best done a week before the holiday.
Highlight for the celebration of the birth of one room in the apartment, which will host the celebration. With your child decorate it with balloons, flags, posters and garlands of congratulations. Hang balloons on the walls, Windows and scatter on the floor. Make each guest a party hat.
Prepare various competitions, games and activities. Choosing a script for a holiday, consider the number of guests and their age. In competitions have to be involved every child.
Pre-read the special literature about the features of various events for children of a certain age. Do whatever it takes to make every guest had a good time at the celebration of your child.
Take care of the musical accompaniment. Free in room space for competitions and dancing. Remove all fragile items that are easily breakable.
Table for children's holiday should be enjoyed as vividly as possible. Pick a beautiful tablecloth, dishes and napkins. Colorful paper or plastic plates create a unique holiday atmosphere.
The menu plan should focus on maximum simplicity. Decorate the table with fruits, sweets. Make light sandwiches and a few salads. Stock up on juices or fruit drinks.
Cake is the culmination of the festival. Surprise kids its unusual size or shape. Cake you can bake yourself or buy at the store. It is very important to decorate it with colorful candles and solemnly make the room in the midst of the holiday.