Proceed to age of child when start the celebration. Day of birth of the five-year child is much different from birthday 15-year-old. However, he and the other looking forward to such an event.
Ask your child to provide an estimated guest list. Send out all invitations. Do this in advance, 2-3 weeks before the festivities so that people had time to buy a baby gift and to make changes to their plans.
Get colorful dishes and bright tablecloth. Cook special dishes that you can eat with your hands. It can be a variety of cakes, sausage rolls, assorted sweets, snacks of fruits and vegetables. These treats will appeal to younger guests more than all sorts of salads and burgers. Don't forget about the cake with candles and ice cream. Besides great table, kids love and entertainment.
Organize children's leisure on holidayIs a difficult task for parents. If you think that you can't bring aides, for example, clowns. You can have a party in a children's cafe or by the pool.
Decorate the room where you will hold event for kids in honor of the birthday. For this purpose, purchase colorful balloons, draw bright posters. Newspapers templates for kids you can find on the Internet. Just download, print and glue on drawing paper. If you have time for creativity, create a newspaper of their own, using gouache paint, pencils, photos of your child. Invent original poems and signatures. Add bright sparkles.
Create competitions and contests for participants. They should be interesting, clear and easily implementable. Prepare small prizes in the form of a souvenir. Make sure that all participated in the game, and no one was left without attention.
Please note that the most important thing in a children's holidaye – gifts. You have to ask in advance the desires of your baby. If finances allow, buy a few gifts and give at different times of the day. For example, one surprise in the morning when the child woke up, and another during the feast. And then the event will become for him a real gift.