The birthday can be just for kids, and maybe for Teens and their parents. You need to consider who will come to figure out how to arrange a holiday. Better to start with the opinions of the hero of the festivities, chances are good that she or he has your vision.

Outdoor events

The best way for us to celebrate — a trip into the countryside. There will be appropriate both adults and Teens, and even younger brothers and sisters. You can go to the cottage or on the cottage. It is better that the place was not familiar and new. Summer in the nature, you can swim, sunbathe. Winter play snowballs, build a snow characters. It is important that conditions permit it to stay comfortable.

An important part of the celebration will be a picnic or the dinner table. On the street are always good kebabs, fried on the grill vegetables, and fresh salads. Don't forget to bring fruits and sweets, because in conclusion you want something else.

If the funds are not allowed to leave for a few days, you can just have a picnic on the beach. Collect interesting sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and various Goodies that she loves the kid and help deliver all of the to cozy place. Complete all drinks, spread a picnic blanket. Such a holiday will be cheerful and without the presence of adults.

You can go on the boat. Particularly interesting visits, where on the deck disco. Of course, this is true only in the summer, but if such a holiday happens, all participants will be fun. On the ship have to be adult to keep an eye on things.

Fun games

Bowling is a way to spend a birthday. The young people are happy to start a competition, will be fun to move, to joke. Thus it is necessary to order something to eat, but not complicated dishes. Even pizza and juice will be enough. Unlike adults, children prefer not to overeat, and to occupy myself with something interesting.

If you are in town there is an Aqua Park is also a good place for a birthday. You can play, splash in the pool, and eat. Book a table in advance, so all the seats were not occupied. And all guests are warned that swimwear is mandatory. Such an event can be for children and adults.

Paintball is a hobby in recent years. Military action will not leave indifferent men. A real battle with weapons, obstacles and goal is to conquer enemy territory. In this case, you must ensure that all lasted at least 3 hours, because shorter time is difficult to enjoy the process. And after the battle need to come up with something to eat, you can even go home and continue the celebration there.

An unusual variant of the birthday girl for a photo op. Today, many photographers invite people to the Studio to create a portfolio or go with customers in their territory. But in special places it is possible to create amazing makeup, to try on many suits. This holiday will delight the girl in 15 years, and can be taken there and friends.