How to celebrate a 16th birthday must decide together the birthday child and parents. The optimal solution would be a double celebration. The first part with their parents at home or in a cafe, the second without an adult in the club, in the disco etc.
Preliminary preparations for the celebration have to face the teenager. Only he can decide what he wants to this day, and then make a plan and coordinate it with the parents.
After consultation with the parents possible options for the holiday, arranging a meeting place with friends, like to visit the celebration will have to ask permission from the parents. When everything is in concert, go to action.
Parents bear the financial component plus the solution of a question on rent of premises, coordination of food and drinks, buy them in stores.
A joint celebration of children and adults is best done with a leading. Let it be a script, a solemn congratulation and delivery of gifts. This will help the guests older and younger generations feel more relaxed.
Holiday needs to be planned, but with elements of surprise for the birthday boy, so training programs should be on the parents and also close friends.
Gifts for 16th birthday , decided to give important and valuable. It can be gold, video (audio) appliances, electronics. Parents should know in advance what their child – because their gift will be for him the main in this day.
More modest and economical option – the official ceremony to celebrate and then leave on the nature. Make sure you have outdoor games for the entertainment and props to them.
Photo and video shooting of the holiday may be Amateur, but to capture this day.