To clean the Shoe is recommended after visiting the street. Arriving home, remove the wooden spatula from her adherent dirt, clean first damp, then dry cloth.

Before cleaning, you must thoroughly dry the shoes in stocks or by using newsprint, which by necessity should be changed. Don't forget daily to remove and dry removable insulated insoles. To remove salt stains from leather shoes, wipe them with a cotton swab pre-moistened with a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportions.
If the skin after drying became hard, treat it castor or vegetable oil, vaseline or fish oil. After that buff it.
Clean the shoes carefully, using special care products. For light colored shoes choose a colorless cream. Before starting work, wipe off the marks of heels. Do it with an ordinary eraser.

Not apply to shoes too much cream. Otherwise, the skin can be oily stains. To eliminate such defects and to free the pores of the skin from the remnants of cream weekly wipe the shoes with a cloth soaked in gasoline or turpentine.

Also remove greasy marks can soda solution (1 teaspoon to 0.5 cups of water). Treat spots to a foam, then wipe shoes with a dry soft cloth.
Shine clean and dry your shoes RUB the cream with a cotton cloth, leave it for 10 minutes. And then carefully Polish it with a clean cloth or old pantyhose.
Before going outdoors, sprinkle, or RUB on the skin repelling dirt and water with special tools.