You will need
  • dry cloth;
  • - kerosene;
  • - candle wax;
  • cream for footwear;
  • - means for polishing leather shoes;
  • brush for shoes;
  • - polishing cloth;
  • - vaseline;
  • - onions;
  • - egg protein;
  • milk.
To shoes again was shining and looking new, you can try to do this in several ways. But before that, remove the Shoe laces and then thoroughly clean it of dirt and dust with a dry cloth. If shoes are too dirty, then have her wash and dry.
Glitter shoes, especially leather, can be given, using candle wax and kerosene. Other than light, wax candle can enhance the water resistance of the surface of the boots or shoes. Take a candle and light it. Give her a good burn and melt. When the wax will gather a sufficient quantity, pour it on the shoes and RUB them its entire surface with a soft, dry cloth. Polishing follows every detail of the Shoe to the wax covered shoes or boots completely. If you have never greased the shoes with wax, the polishing procedure can be done twice – this will create a good basis for subsequent cleaning. In conclusion, put on shoes cream.
Buy in-store any vehicle for polishing leather shoes, which will give it the brightness of color and luster. These can be creams, aerosols, impregnation, waxes. There you can purchase a brush which will Polish the shoes. It is advisable to use a brush with natural bristles. In addition to her and use a special polishing cloth.
Brush the shoes with a cream, and the top apply a little bit of water. Take a cotton cloth and wrap it around your finger. In circular movements begin to Polish the shoes from the sock to the heel. At the end of the walk on the surface of the Shoe with a soft brush to remove small particles that hinder the Shine. Shoe choose not based on the emulsion, and oil.
To return the Shine to patent shoes you can use vaseline. RUB the entire surface of them shoes or boots, and then wipe with a polishing cloth. Instead of vaseline you can take a slice of onion and RUB her shoes, and then treated with a polishing cloth. To Shine white shoes use a mixture of whipped egg whites and half Cup milk. Wipe this mixture white shoes regularly and it will retain its luster and brightness of color.