The Internet is full of information about how you can quickly and easily lose weight. Aggressive advertising offers to get acquainted with another method of struggle with weight, which is the most effective and secret." In practice, almost all information of a commercial nature, designed for extortion of money.

However, there are methods in which one can really lose weight without causing harm to your body. Unfortunately, some diet programs make the person to move quickly to a new way of life, which negatively affects mental and physical health.

In other cases, a person starts to lose weight according to a certain method, loses weight, but then they return to it with a small "appendage."

Many people want to lose weight without changing lifestyle. To get rid of excess weight, you need to make some effort and even after getting in shape, not to give up.

Below are some tips that can help you to lose weight quickly, without causing harm to your body. Just want to note that the recommendation is suitable for people who are not suffering from the excess weight of 150 kg and above.

First recommendation – an active lifestyle

Man is born for constant motion. To lose weight, you must daily do physical exercise. It can be work in the garden, walking, running, classes at gym, playing soccer.

Known at the time of academician Nikolai Amosov said that each of us needs at least twice a day, exercise for 20 minutes. The pulse rate should not be less than 120 beats per minute. This allows not only to improve the functioning of the heart, but also to lose weight.

If you have enough willpower to practice running, this will help for two months to lose up to 15 % of existing weight. But there's a trick – run needs to be long lasting from 30 minutes and above. In this case, it will begin the expedited process of rassheplenia fat.

Important! After any physical activity not eating at least an hour and a half. During this time, the body will "eat" the toxins. In addition, will recover more quickly to normal life.

The second recommendation – do not eat after six o'clock in the evening

This recommendation is not new. Many nutritionists claim that food eaten after 6 PM, it turns into extra pounds. The fact that in the evening stomach becomes sluggish. He is not able to digest large volumes of food.

It is better to drink warm tea with honey, juice or eat the fruit. The first days will be hard to get used to this diet, but after a week it will become easier.

The third recommendation - separate meals.

If proteins, fats, carbohydrates to be consumed separately, they will be processed faster by the body. As a result, the excess substances will not build up, turning into extra pounds.

It is best to eat more vegetables and fruits. Even two kilograms of vegetables eaten will not turn into extra pounds. They quickly processed by the body.

The recommendation of the fourth – reading the water

Modern man is experiencing a "water famine". He expressed the fact that we drink hard water, which is not able to penetrate all cells. Without water, the cell cannot divide. If you drink all the time hard water, the aging process, his slagging accelerated significantly. This will lead to rapid obesity, disruption of metabolism.

Now a number of devices which help to soften the water, to purify it from salts and impurities. In extreme cases, you can use shungite to make water soft and her saturation electrons.

Recommendation the fifth – instead of a car – Bicycle

If you seriously want to lose weight quickly, stop and go to the store by car. Better walk on foot or take a bike. Periodic light load will allow to be in good shape. The man who sits behind the wheel, losing the sense of real hunger. He can eat even when it's not necessary. Activity during the day will help to learn to recognize the feeling of hunger.

More important is not when you need on schedule, and then when you really want to. For dieters, it is better to eat more often but less volume. In this case, the body will have time to learn.