I'm sure many dream about an accelerated metabolism, which will eat at least a loaf of bread, even loaf – all the same will not recover. If you want to lose 10 kg in a very short time, you should think how you can make the metabolism work in your favor.
Diet has always been considered the fastest tool in the fight for the perfect figure, but a huge disadvantage of diets is that they slow down the metabolism. The stricter the diet, the slower you throw. It may seem that the pounds do melt away, but don't be fooled, you draw from the body fluid.
Exercise is the key to your metabolism. Of course, any exercise should be combined with a limited diet. Through diet, you stop the process of laying fat in the body, and exercise accelerate metabolism by stimulating the burning of fat. What exercises should resort to quickly and just enough to throw off 10 kg?
First, acquaint yourself with aerobic exercises. Running, Cycling, jumping rope. All the exercises that make your heart beat at a furious pace. You'll burn fat not only during exercise but also after it.
Second, the rule is to do high-intensity workouts. No need to force yourself to exercise for an hour or two. Enough 20 minutes a day, but in those 20 minutes you have to invest all their strength. 100 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 20 pushups, exercises for upper and lower abs, and three circles. Do all the exercises at speed, each time trying to beat your highscore. Thus, it takes only 20 minutes a day you will achieve the effect of a full workout in the gym.
Third, don't forget to stretch. Muscle building is inevitably connected with increase in volumes, and to avoid this, you must do some stretches. Yoga is a wonderful tool for weight loss, stretch marks, and improve mental state. It is best to do stretching immediately after exercise.
Thus, to throw off 10 kg in a matter of days – quite a feasible task, but do not forget about the combination of exercise with sensible eating.