The duration of the incubation period is 11 - 21 days. Even before the first lesions expressed obstipation the symptoms - fatigue, low-grade fever, headache, aches in the joints.
After a few hours, begins the period of rash, first appear pink spots on the skin. A rash may appear very abundant. It starts with the head moving the whole body. Watery bubbles burst quickly wither and fall away. In their place there are wet ulcers. There is a very strong itching. Comb and watering of these sores in order not to contaminate and prevent lifelong scars. Rash also occurs on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and genitals.
Rashes occur in waves, with a total duration of 8-10 days. Body temperature may rise in this period to 39-40 degrees. Observed pronounced symptoms of intoxication - weakness, nausea, pain in the joints.
Chickenpox in adults often gives complications. If the immune defenses are weak, may develop abscesses, cellulitis, up to sepsis.Occur herpetic lesions of the respiratory laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia with respiratory failure. Can affect the liver, musculo-skeletal system. Often the disease gives complications in the form of encephalitis, meningitis, polyradiculoneuritis, edema, and formation of cysts in the brain. Happens damage the heart and blood vessels.
Chickenpox is very dangerous for pregnant women as the virus passed to the child, which can lead to the development of eye defects, pneumonia and other problems. In very rare cases, chickenpox can be a cause of premature birth.