Advice 1: How to bring down the temperature in adolescents

Hyperthermic syndrome is characterized by an increase of temperature of the body of the patient more than 38,0°C. the Most common causes of temperature rise: infectious diseases (tonsillitis, scarlet fever, meningitis, meningoencephalitis), viral diseases, respiratory viral infection, acute bronchitis, parainfluenza, influenza, pneumonia, diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems, allergic reactions (angioedema, urticaria).
How to bring down the temperature in adolescents
To reduce the temperature of 38.0°C and above are widely used various physical methods of cooling: the child must be open; the forehead is to put a towel soaked with cold water; rubbing the whole body with a sponge soaked in vodka, 40% alcohol, vinegar, water and 9% vinegar mixed in the ratio 1:1); to use the blowing fan, air conditioning; on the projection of large blood vessels to put the bubbles on ice (groin).
There should be an additional drinking of juice, water, tea with lemon (0.5 – 1 liter more than the age norm). A must when the temperature drops: to reduce the high temperature to be slow, not more than 1°C per hour. At high temperatures, the virus multiplies slowly, so the disease is not progressing.
Because drugs are used safe and effective antipyretic drugs: ibuprofen (Nurofen) or paracetamol (calpol, Nurofen, Panadol, tylenol). Antipyretic (lytic) effect when taking Nurofen lasts for 12 hours, so the drug is assigned to only 2 times a day, which is very convenient.
Medicines in the pharmaceutical market produced in various forms: in the form of tablets, dragees, suppositories and syrups. For the purpose antipyretic drugs definitely need to consult a doctor pediatrician. In children, single doses prescribed on year of life (early age) or per kilogram of body weight, adolescent single dose on admission are the same as in adults. The dose of paracetamol can be repeated after 4 hours, the multiplicity of reception during the day is not more than 4 times. If a child has been vomiting, it is best to enter antipyretic candles (cepacol, paracetamol).
If the temperature is kept at high numbers after all the events, you need to call a doctor from the pediatric clinic, and on weekends and in the evening and call an ambulance. Usually in this situation you enter the lytic mixture, which includes 50% pain, 1% diphenhydramine. Lytic mixture is injected intramuscularly, and then assigned oral antipyretic drugs.

Advice 2 : Top 10 Thriller about teenagers

Thrillers always very popular with viewers. The viewing quality of the film is a wonderful way to relax and escape from everyday problems. Thriller about teenagers in General a genre movie. These films are sometimes characterized by extreme brutality of the story, but cause a huge interest among the youth audience.
Top 10 Thriller about teenagers

Youth thrillers of the 90s

It was at this time a youth has been shot many thrillers, the continuation of which come with surprising regularity to this day.

"I know what you did last summer" in 1997. It all starts with the fact that the group of teenagers accidentally knocks a person on the road, deciding that he was already dead, the company decides to hide the body. Exactly a year later, the arrival of a letter: someone knows their secret... the Movie is interesting, dynamic, classic Thriller. Fans love Actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt. They're young and beautiful. After a year it was filmed the sequel "I still know what you did last summer", which is also worthy of a viewing by fans of the genre.

"Wild things" in 1998. Girl falls in love with his teacher and tries to get his attention, but to no avail. When she realizes that to get what they wanted she fails, she begins to retaliate. A stellar cast, intricate plot. The movie is really good.

"The scream" in 1996. The first film of the series, has already become a classic of the teen Thriller. A lot of blood, senseless killing. Throughout the film under suspicion are all heroes. Director Wes Craven did a good job. "The scream" many fans still considered the gold standard.

"The faculty" in 1998. Fiction Thriller. Here very clearly shows the relationship between the teenagers, the eternal struggle for the leadership of the College. One day they begin to realize that all the teachers are aliens from another planet. Students who can't stand each other, are now forced to unite in order to resist the alien invasion. Bright, unusual film.

"Highway" 1996. Thriller with elements of Comedy. Perhaps one of the most prominent roles Reese Witherspoon. A teenage girl from a dysfunctional family goes in search of her grandmother and encounters on the road a serial killer. A modern "little Red riding hood" with blood and Kiefer Sutherland in the role of bad wolf.

The most striking new youth Thriller

In recent years we have taken plenty of decent thrillers, good remakes of old movies. Fans of the genre have something to look at with pleasure.

"The hunger games" in 2012. The film is based on the novel by Suzanne Collins. Fiction Thriller takes us to a future where the whole world is bloody show, which will survive only one winner. A huge budget and quality special effects make this film interesting for the viewer. In 2013 was taken continued: "the Hunger games: catching fire", which aroused great interest among the audience.

"Jennifer's Body" 2009. More of a Comedy than a full-fledged Thriller, but the subject is grim. The main character is a demon dwell. To combat the dark forces gets the best friend of the heroine. To all fans of the beautiful Megan Fox must watch. Sometimes very funny and the blood pouring rivers.

"The cabin in the woods 2011. The beginning is simple: a group of five teenagers goes into the forest in an isolated rural cabin. It seems that events unfold in a familiar pattern, seen many times, but here the viewer will find a very unusual turn of events. A very original story.

"Fright night" 2011. Popular among Teens the theme about vampires. Adolescent bloodsuckers were real heroes in modern movies. And here next to the pet school Charlie Brewster lives Jerry, who seems like a nice guy, but only at first glance.

"Wave" 2008. German social Thriller. The gymnasium teacher offers to conduct an experiment to show his disciples how to live in a dictatorship. The school is installed Nazi regime, and soon the situation begins to spiral out of control. Strong, emotional and enlightening film that will make you think after seeing it.

Advice 3 : Nocturnal emission in adolescents

The emission is called spontaneous and uncontrolled ejaculation, which is not related to sexual intercourse, and Masturbation. Usually, nocturnal pollutions occur in adolescents during sleep and indicate their entry into puberty. It should be noted that this phenomenon is considered perfectly normal physiological act and a sign of good sexual glands.
Nocturnal emission in adolescents
As a rule, nocturnal emissions in boys are the result of erotic dreams, i.e. ejaculation without subsequent revival. Thus, waking up in the morning, a teenager sees on the sheet from the wet spot that appeared as a result of a night of sexual fantasies. Be aware that nocturnal emissions do not pose absolutely no health risk to the boy. Moreover, this phenomenon can be explained by the need of a young body to get rid of excess sperm.

According to experts, the first wet dreams happen at the age of 12-15 years and continue periodically up to 20 years, then their frequency is markedly reduced. In some cases, it occurs slightly earlier or, conversely, after the deadline. Moreover, a sharp delay of emissions may indicate unfavorable conditions of life of the body of a teenager, as well as to indicate the individual characteristics of his body. Usually involuntary ejaculation occurs when directly in the seminal fluid are already Mature sperm. Considered normal pollutions occurring one to two times per week and even less often before the start of continuous sexual life.

Pathological pollutions in adolescents

When the youth begins to engage in a regular sex life, frequency of nocturnal emissions, usually sharply reduced. In that case, if this has not happened and the young man continues to periodically test the emission, then we can talk about any diseases of the genital organs. In addition, this phenomenon may indicate disorders of the nervous system of a teenager.

Pathology is considered such facts, when the emission is associated with headache, fatigue, disorders in the sexual sphere, lethargy, nervousness. Be aware that this pathological pollution can lead to the development of impotence, therefore the mother should be watched closely for bedding grown-up son and his underwear. Noticing a fairly regular wet dreams, need to be mandatory to seek help from a specialist.

Treatment of pathological pollutions in adolescents

If the presence of nocturnal emissions accompanied by the appearance of diseases of the genitourinary system, such a fact requires a responsible and relevant treatment process. After all, only a careful approach to this problem could cure from frequent wet dreams. Treatment of neurosis-like States includes the need to identify the main causes and formulating appropriate therapeutic treatment. In such case, it is recommended walks in the fresh air, regular exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle. The favorable impact of a variety of water treatment, sanitary-resort treatment and physiotherapy classes.

Advice 4 : How to bring down high fever in a child

Small children exposed to various kind of diseases. When removing the thermometer from the armpit of your baby, you can see on the figure 39, in the head there is a question about how to bring down high fever in a child.
how to bring down high fever in a child


What is the temperature of the child need to knock down

Before you wonder about how to bring down the temperature of the child, it should be understood, at what temperature to do it. It is known that children tolerate high temperatures much more easily than adults. At 38-38,5 they are often cheerful and active. It is believed that the indicator 38 degrees is critical, after that you should take medication. For a child under three years, a Council of physicians is important because when the temperature of the body another half a degree can have seizures. If the child is more than three years, it is possible to use only a fever-reducing teas - raspberry, honey, lime color (if no allergies).

Medications that help to bring down the temperature of the child

The main drugs that reduce high fever in a child can include in its membership two active ingredients - paracetamol or ibuprofen. First, according to doctors, is preferred for infants. For example, candles "Tsefekon" can be used from one month of life.

Medication, which can bring down the temperature of a child, are in the form of tablets and / or syrups. Rectal suppositories cause less harm to the gastro-intestinal tract and faster acting, so in the treatment of infants at very high temperature is better to use them.

In suspension can give a child from a high fever for children "Nurofen", "Paracetamol", "Ibufen", "Panadol".

Before use of the drug should read the manual, calculate the dosage according to the weight and age of the child. When used to treat any medicines you need to consult a pediatrician.

If the high temperature a child has a bad break, perhaps the use of lytic mixture consisting of "Dipyrone", "Papaverine" and "Diphenhydramine" in equal proportions. The dosage is calculated according to age - for each year of the child 0.1 ml of each drug.

Better if this shot with lytic mixture will be made by the paramedic ambulance.

Than to bring down a high temperature the child's

If you don't know what to bring down the temperature of the child in the intervals between the use of medications, should turn to folk remedies. So how to use preparations of paracetamol and ibuprofen no often than once in six hours, they can become an indispensable tool in the treatment.

Everyone knows the honey, raspberry and lime color well reduce the temperature only at low levels, so if the thermometer seemed to figure 39, it is necessary to apply more powerful tools, including medication.

Well help to reduce the temperature of the baby habitats with vodka and vinegar.

The first mixture is prepared from water and vodka in the ratio of one to one. With the second a little more difficult as vinegar essence, every house can have different percentages of acid. To dilute already diluted the vinegar with water so that the solution tastes only slightly sour.

Prepared solutions to produce a wiping body of a child. Most effectively, they help to bring down a high temperature, if the wet cotton swab where are the major arteries and veins: axillary and inguinal hollows, bends of knees and elbows, feet and hands, neck.

To carry out wiping in any case impossible, if the background of the elevated temperature, the child cold hands and feet, pale or bluish skin.

In this case, it is necessary to warm the extremities, rubbed them and wrapped. Then be sure to give the baby the medicine and a warm drink.

At high temperatures, the body of the baby child or adult of the same dehydrated. In the first case, the baby often need to attach to the breast in the second - to give to drink tea and water in small portions.

To cope with the intense heat will also help the cold bandage on his forehead, which need to be replaced periodically.

If the temperature is approaching 40 degrees, you need to urgently call an ambulance and try to her arrival to bring down the temperature of the child to acceptable values. In such cases, you can even apply a cold bath.

Child with high fever should not be wrapped, you need to provide access of air to the surface of the skin. You need to open Windows, providing a cool. The optimal temperature in the room of a sick child should be 18-20 degrees. This will speed up the process of heat transfer.

There are many supporters and opponents of alternative medicine. Select methods of treatment your child should be taking into account their impact on the body of the baby. If you can't bring the temperature down to a child one tool, you can try another. Over time, you will select something that fits personal to you and your baby. However, the decrease in body temperature must not forget the treatment of the underlying disease, be sure to consult with your doctor.


Advice 5 : How to bring down the temperature of 39 adult at home

A sharp increase in body temperature is characteristic of an organism that has failed. Most often it is one of the signs of flu, SARS or acute respiratory infections, influenza. To bring the temperature down 39 adult at home, experts advise to use drugs or resort to folk medicine.
How to bring down the temperature of 39 adult at home


Effective means of reducing high temperature

To bring down the temperature of 39 adult in the home is necessary, otherwise there may be dangerous for the body condition from fever until he lost consciousness and cardiac arrest. The heat will help antipyretic drugs, which are practically in every home first-aid kit: paracetamol, cold remedy, aspirin, analgin, Nurofen, ibuprofen.

In a situation when the drugs under hand was not to bring down the temperature of 39 adult in the home will help of time-tested recommendations of folk medicine. The easiest way is sponging with cold water, vinegar or alcohol. You can soak in cold water towel and apply to body as soon as the towel becomes warm, the procedure should be repeated.

At high temperatures, the body is suffering, the organs work harder than normal in this situation is mandatory bed rest. In addition, a dehydration so the patient should drink as much fluid as possible. It can be plain or mineral water, not too sour berry fruit drinks (copes with high temperature cranberry), fruit drinks, from decoctions of herbs, such as mint.

Painful condition is often accompanied by lack of appetite and weakness, at this point it is necessary not only to think about how to bring down the temperature of 39 adult at home, but also how to help the body recover and gain strength. Even in the absence of appetite is not to eat. The best tool is a light chicken broth, drink it in small portions, but as often as possible.

To enhance the heat transfer reducing the temperature in the room where the patient is located. In winter you can open Windows in the summer to install air conditioning on the mark of +18-20C. Just keep in mind that the room should be free of draughts, as they can aggravate the situation (up to pneumonia!).

It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate and uncontrolled take drugs (even the most innocuous at first glance), if a high temperature (38C or above) lasts more than a day. In such a situation it is better to seek professional medical help to avoid negative health consequences. Perhaps the increased temperature is not hiding the common cold, easily treatable, but serious disease, is a threat to health and life!

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