Remember that to bring the temperature down 39 the child in the home is necessary, otherwise a high fever can lead to loss of consciousness, heart failure and other deadly conditions. That is why we must act quickly, but carefully, not to harm. Immediately dip a clean cloth in a 9% vinegar solution and put on the forehead, another piece of cloth to wipe the hands, feet, neck and chest. If the child is still small, instead of vinegar, you can use just cool water.
You can reduce the temperature of the child at home with the help of copious drinking, you want to give it as often as possible. Prepare hot juice from cowberry, cranberry, sea buckthorn, black currant, viburnum or red ash (if the child has a sore throat, the liquid should not be hot, but slightly warm), add a spoonful of sugar to the drink was not too sour. Ask the patient to drink a glass of liquid, then cover with a blanket and leave it for a while. Gradually, the child will propoaed that will lead to a decrease in temperature.
Take the necessary measures to strengthen the immune system of the child. Peel and chop 1-2 onions, put in a room with the patient. Be careful, that he often visited the toilet, rinsed his throat with a weak infusion of chamomile or soda solution (at this time, you can quickly ventilate the vacated space). Even if the child has no appetite, tell him to eat some hot chicken broth with rice, a slice of bread and a slice of onion or garlic.
Use one of the various immunotropic funds that are available in the pharmacy. For example, to quickly bring the temperature down 39 the child in the home for 2-3 hours helps "Arbidol". Do well with heat and is completely safe for children is "Acetaminophen" and "Ibuprofen". If the temperature is not abated more than a day, it is better not to continue to self-medicate and to call home the children's pediatrician. The specialist will examine the child properly, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medical treatment, prescribing special antipyretic drugs and antibiotics.