A newborn kitten alive a little happiness!

It is important to know that kittens are born blind and deaf, but they have a pretty strong sense of touch and sense of smell. Kitten in their first hours of life looking for cat nipples, and on the fourth day can own paws to stimulate the flow in your mouth mother's milk. In this lies the whole difficulty of the initial care for a newborn kitten!

The fact that mother's milk is no substitute for the best way out of this situation is the substitution of the cat-nurse. But here you can face difficulties: many cats refuse to feed other people's kittens are starting to bite them. In this case, the person has, at whatever cost, to bring up a small and defenseless creature on their own.

How to feed a newborn kitten?

Since cats are mammals, then in its first days of life a newborn human needs solely in milk. In principle, in the absence of a cat-nurse, this will do, and the usual packaged milk from the store. Just do not skimp on price – the best choice would be milk medium (2,5%-3,5) or high (6%) of fat. This product it is necessary to add a pinch of sugar (or DAB of honey).

Then the milk should be slightly warm (up to 30 ° C) and start feeding the animal. In the first days of life, a kitten he needs to be fed milk every 2-3 hours, i.e. day and night. In every day dairy serving should be increased to one teaspoon. After 10 days in the diet of a kitten gradually introduce cereals. Their preparation identical to the preparation of gruels for infants. Feed the kitten should be from a small bottle with a nipple. In no case do not try to feed the animal an eyedropper or even a spoon!

A month later, the kitten can digest meat, but feed him to the only diet varieties. Meat rolls the ball-a crumb the size of a pea, then gently placed in the baby's mouth. It should be noted that greatly inspire a little kitten meat is not necessary, as this may adversely affect its digestive system. No need to rush the kitten is, you must patiently wait until it gets chewed up meat. At the end of 7 weeks, you can transfer the baby on a complete food for kittens.

Caring for a newborn kitten

Not enough to be able to feed newborn kittens. They should be able to care. For example, the kitten need to wash. However, to do this need not, as in the case of a child: it will be enough just to wipe its coat with a damp cloth. No shampoo! Kitty needs a place to sleep. It is necessary to make a special "nest".

"Nest" can be a crate or a box, allows you to maintain warm temperature inside, because the kitten is still very small and weak, he needs extra warmth. It should be noted another point: usually kittens warms their mother – they pressed against her warm body. Since mom's gone, you will have to use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. And again, if possible, no need to take a kitten on hands very often, because for him it is a real stress.