You will need
  • - inspection of material assets
  • - explanatory note by the employee
  • - document on the imposition of penalties or punishment
  • - inspection report of equipment
If the person in charge made the loss, theft, bribery or loss of entrusted property using official authority, the employer is entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally due to mistrust.
About the fact of violation should act. The act is signed by the members of the Commission who carried out the inspection, the head of the organization, chief accountant.
With this act the guilty person is introduced, under his personal signature.
From the employee committed wrongful acts taking the explanation about the violation. If he refuses to write a letter of explanation, an act of refusal to provide explanations on the fact of violation.
The head of the enterprise is the instrument of punishment that follows the violation and shall indicate the offending receipt.
If there is a shortfall, employee claims that this happened because of faulty equipment, then invited the representative supports the technical personnel to verify information. On the fact checking of equipment, a separate act, which put the resolution all the members of the Commission present during the inspection.
If the waste is to blame all members of the team, which signed an agreement on total financial liability, each team member presented a separate documentary charges. For each employee of the brigade composed of individual acts and penalties.
The charges must be presented within one month after the fact verification.
The employer is not required to await a judicial decision on the recognition of the financially responsible person guilty in the Commission of acts which caused loss and shortage. He has the right to immediately fire an employee, having on hand all indictments.