If we are talking about mutual agreement, problems usually arise. Call the employee on the conversation, explain to him the reasons why you think his further stay in the organization inappropriate. The most common reason is the mismatch of requirements management and real low indicators of work efficiency. Bring to the attention of the employee that the resignation it will be more profitable than the dismissal of the article on the mismatch position.
If the employee disagrees with the above arguments, dismiss it in connection with discrepancy of a post. A good argument will be an indicator of incompetence of employee, when your attempts to teach him has not led to the achievement of the desired standard of performance. A digital proof will be the percentage of failure to plan (quarterly, annual, etc.) or a lack of adequate numbers increase.
A valid reason for the dismissal of an employee is late without a valid reason. This behavior not only jeopardizes the timely and quality execution of their official duties, but sets a bad example more punctual colleagues. If the slave, despite repeated warnings about the possible consequences of their behavior, continues to be late to your workplace, get rid of him for non-compliance of the working discipline. For the same formulation fire employees who intentionally refuse to perform their duties. They violate the basic hierarchy of superior and subordinate and destabilizie other employees.
In the case of converting enterprises and reducing maintenance costs dismiss subordinate staff reduction. In this case, notify him in advance about his intentions. With the reduction, note that you will have to pay him entitled to under the law compensation.