If the boss calls into the office and begins to ask or to force to write the application "at own will" not give in to pressure. If you can't say no right away, say you'll think about it tomorrow", think of any reason - your task is to buy time. Prepare mentally for a conversation and pick up arguments, good arguments to defend their position. Consult with other workers about similar situations, consult a professional lawyer for help.

There are cases when the Manager collects the employment team at full strength and demands that all employees resigned at his own request. Contact protection Inspectorate, labor disputes, will detail the circumstances and ask them to explain the procedure in this situation.

Sometimes, instead of firing reduces the amount of work and simply reduce the salary. Most likely, it's just a preparation to your future dismissal. Speak to your colleagues about the creation of the initiative group, in a similar way attract attention to the problem, contact the Union. Try to create a protest.

After learning of an impending dismissal, can not wait the required two months by law, and to terminate the employment relationship immediately. Write the statement with the wording "no objection to the termination of the employment contract before the expiry of the notice period" and not "please fire me". If you are fired in connection with the downsizing, feel free to ask for monetary compensation for the time worked and unused vacation.

The boss can fire you on the article. Try not to give you reasons, do not violate labor discipline, follow punctuality, forget about "good" reasons to stay home. To be dismissed for a specific misconduct, you need to follow a certain order. First, the employee writes a letter of explanation, it shall render a decree or order of dismissal, where the employee needs to sign. After this calculation is performed, and the results of the work book. If the order is not met, the employee has the right to go to court.

If you are expecting a baby (or you already have children up to 3 years; or 14 years, but you are not married), to fire you is almost impossible. The exception is the liquidation of the organization or guilty actions (theft or other actions, entailing a loss of confidence). And the employer is obliged to offer you another available position if expires period of validity term of the contract (article 261 of the LC RF). You need to know about their rights and be able to defend them.

After the dismissal should register in the employment service. This is given 14 days. You should employ, if not, average earnings will remain with you for another 30 days (article 178 of the LC RF).

Can apply to a court, it is important to observe the deadlines. By law it will have three months from the date when you learned about the violation of his right, and on disputes on dismissal — of one month from the date of delivery of a copy of the dismissal order or from the date of receipt of the work book. Deadlines can be missed for valid reasons, then it restores the court.