You will need
  • -the act of checking values
  • -act discovered short
  • -the act of checking the apparatus
  • -a document on penalty of reprimand, punishment
  • -explanatory
  • -order of dismissal under article No. 81 of the LC RF
To dismiss for lack of article for loss of confidence only persons who are directly entrusted with private or shared financial responsibility and signed all the documents about her.
After verification of material values and cash and in case of detection of shortfall need to draw up a statement of shortage with a detailed description of the shortage. The act of detection of shortage must be signed by the Commission which conducted the test, the Director, chief accountant and financially responsible person.
The head of the enterprise must be a document stating the penalty and the punishment imposed for committing a shortage, and submit it under the personal signature of financially responsible person.
Financially responsible person in relation to whom the fact short, should write a detailed explanation of this fact. If the explanation indicated that the shortage was caused by malfunctioning equipment part which was taken and released material values, such as weights, to produce an additional check. To check need to involve representatives of the organization with which the contract was made for maintenance of these devices.
After verifying its results is compiled further act on the results of the inspection and signed by all representatives of the Commission for the verification of instruments and financially responsible.
To dismiss for lack only in case of proved fault financially responsible person for committing short. If dormitory liability for material values, such as the brigade, each team members presented a separate penalty for committing a shortage and the evidence of the wine in her crime scene.
After all completed audits properly executed documents the results of these inspections, the employer may unilaterally terminate an employment contract under article No. 81, item 7 – for loss of confidence.