Dismissing the employee, the employer must be guided by legislative acts of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, the dismissed employee may file a lawsuit to recover the position and to demand compensation for moral damage. Termination for being late for work, Remember that for the first delay you are not entitled to dismiss the employee. First of all you have to reprimand or comment in writing. According to paragraph 5, article 81, you can only dismiss an employee for repeated tardiness to work. First of all you should demand from latecomers explanatory. If he refuses to provide it, make the act of refusal. Place the reprimand in writing. Sign it and give it for signature to the employee. If a party refuses to sign, the document does not lose its legal force. Also to protect yourself you can draw up an act about being late. After that, arrange the order of dismissal, make marks in a personal card. When the document refer to paragraph 5 of article 81. Exactly the same formulation of dismissal, you must specify in the employment record of the employee. Dismissal for boorish behavior has increasingly been the basis for dismissal is tactless behavior towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc. Although labor legislation such articles of dismissal does not exist, the negligent behavior of an employee can be attributed to the violation of labor discipline. In this case, the employer has the right to dismiss a subordinate under article 81. That may be grounds for dismissal for boorish behavior? For example, it may be a record from the client in the book of complaints and proposals, Memorandum from the chief or from colleagues. For the first time, you can take disciplinary action, that is, for example, to deprive the employee of the award. Be sure to ask to write a letter of explanation. If the employee refuses to provide explanation in writing, make the act of refusal. Complete your order of reprimand, sign it and give it for review to the employee. After two or three unpleasant situations you can fire an employee for cause. For this purpose issue the order of dismissal, make an entry in the personal cards and employment record of the employee. Important: remember to declare the penalty to reprimand you must within one month after the breach of the employment contract. If the employee is in holiday, the period is increased until then, until a person begin to work. The dismissal of an employee under the article is a rather unpleasant process, so try to settle the conflict peacefully!