Many have a desire to improve video performance on your own computer by installing two graphics cards, but this process is not easy and can lead to unpredictable consequences, which may not have to spare, but the performance may be not the one expected.

Two video cards

The reason I put two cards is simple, either people do not have enough power for their favorite video games either lacks completeness graphic of abundance, which is provided by the manufacturer of the same video apps, and maybe even that neighbor Dylan was super jealous of the picture not knowing what you have inside two graphics cards.

видеокарта для компа

So you've decided to put himself two cards. To do this at any computer store to buy an adapter to install two video cards, correctly insert them into your computer and if your motherboard is not against this Union, enjoy the wonder graphics. But, there are situations when both cards are beginning to quarrel among themselves, often the reason for this is a systemic conflict between two different manufacturers. Don't despair, you just need to pick out the right combination of the method of "spear", but then you get the desired result.

Two monitors

If you just want to display the image on two monitors, then you have another video card is just not needed. Most manufacturers default offer a second video output, and need to buy a second card just yet.

два монитора для улучшения видео

But back to the beginning: there is a reason why you may have problems if you install a second video card in the case when your motherboard is not equipped with appropriate slots. For example AGP i PCI-express if he is one then put two similar cards will not work. The way out of this situation is to use a leading PCI and AGP video cards. In this case, do not expect a significant increase of productivity, because all you get from a PCI card it is only its volume.


Also when you install two cards, you should check their connection type, it is very important that it was the same. It is best to use two PCI cards if they are different we will not get the desired result. Of course, they will work, but not as much as you would like. And remember that in the first slot, you should connect a more powerful graphics card, and the second one that is weaker. Finally, we note that the company Nvidia developed SLI technology which allows you to connect two cards of the same brand.