You will need
  • - tight red fabric (like satin or velvet);
  • - white faux fur or Terry cloth;
  • - brilliant large button or brooch;
  • Vata;
  • - black acrylic paint;
  • - graph paper, sewing supplies and sewing machine.
Measure the neck circumference and the desired length of the mantle. Build it a pattern: draw on a big piece of graph paper the semi-circle whose radius is equal to the length of the product. From the same center swipe second semicircle of radius equal to the circumference of the neck, divided by twice the number π. For freedom of fit in the neck slightly lengthen the inner semi-circle, adding to both sides on 1-1,5 cm and modifying the neckline.
Take the mantle of red cloth (seam on all slices – 1.5 cm). White faux fur or Terry cloth will have plenty of drape (with the seam) at the shortened to the desired length pattern gowns. The same detail will have plenty of capes with white lining fabric.
From the same white fuzzy material make some trim for the mantle (broad band sewed on the edge of clothing). To do this, use the same pattern, noting on it the contour of the rim and dividing it into three parts: the two front straps and one semi-circular, running along the bottom of the garment.
Sew both parts of the Cape in three sections (in addition to the cut of the neck), folded them face to face, turn out, straighten corners and outwrite through protohellenic. Join the parts of the slug between a diagonal connecting lines: adjacent strips overlap each other face to face, aligning the edges and at an angle of 45 degrees, run the line from the outer edge to the inner. Cut off any excess fabric and Ratatouille allowances corners.
On the wrong side of a red robe, put the rim face and lay in place on the three sections of the mantle (except the neck). Remove the trim on the front side, straighten the corners, cut the allowances to 0.5 cm and priutyuzhte the edge of the cushion. Tuck the loose sections of the rims inside and Topstitch detail on the mantle.
Apply the drape face down on the wrong side of the mantle and align the seam of the neck. Baste detail capes brushed fabric for robe and lay in the engine line. Item capes made of lining fabric, tuck and sew to allowances of the cut of the neck by hand – so this section will be completely closed.
Run the clasp at the level of the neck. It may be an aerial loop with a large shiny button. Also the robe you can chop off a large brooch with shining stones.
Tails of ermine, with black tips to simulate with matted hands and multiple stained with black paint oblong lumps of wool sewed on the mantle. And you can just paint a white drape with black paint "in ermine".