Bringing to execution of work during holidays an exceptional case, it must be exercised in strict accordance with the procedure defined by the Labour code of the Russian Federation. However, for some employees, the holiday day may fall on a normal shift. This situation is observed in the presence of the replaceable schedule of work under which the work is performed. The legislation obliges the employer to reward employees for work on holidays double time, but in attracting new personnel, organizations often ignore this rule, arguing the decision with interchangeable graphics.

Should the employer pay for job changers during the holidays double time?

In fact, the obligation of the employer to pay for work on holidays double the size applies to those employees who work in shifts. Attracting such workers to work on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) does not entail any additional obligations for organizations, because outputs from changers can be other days. For the holidays, this principle does not apply, as established by the labor legislation holidays are common for all employees, cannot be postponed at the request of the employer the next day.

That is why if you change the chart, the payment for holidays should be carried out according to the General rules – in the double size. The indicated double the amount of payment is minimal, therefore in the collective agreement and internal act of the organization can be a large payment for work on holidays. However, to pay the involvement of the employee in a smaller size the employer will not be able, as it reduces the level of guarantees for employees, which is prohibited at the legislative level.

How can I replace double pay for working on a holiday?

If an employee working on shifts, expresses a desire to get more output for the performance of their duties on a public holiday, the employer can satisfy the request. Double payment for the gala day in this case is not charged (it is charged at the normal rate), however, the employee receives an additional day of rest, which may use at its discretion. In accordance with the explanation of the current availability in the calendar month of such day of rest is not a reason to reduce the wages of the employee.