The cheapest and easiest method – training of the hands using expanders. Instead of expander you can use a tennis ball (other balls are not suitable as they do not have sufficient rigidity or clay.
Pulling up and hanging on the bar, and the pipe should be larger diameter. You can also move the hands on the horizontal bar. To complicate this exercise should be done with wet hands. It is advisable to do the longest pull-UPS and dead-hangs.
First we need to take a round stick with a hole in the middle. Through the hole is passed a rope, it must be tightly fastened. At the end of the rope you need to tie a dumbbell, kettlebell or pancake. Winding or unwinding the rope on the stick, you train your hands.
For the following exercises, you must find the Mace. Occupying a stable position, strike the tire from the car. Over time, we need to get closer to the end of the handle. To perform this exercise can be both one and two hands.
By the end of the belt attach the dumbbell of the appropriate weight. Next, crumpling in a fist zone, you raise the dumbbell, then lower it.
Lifting barbells or dumbbells "biceps". First adopt the correct seated position: body straight, grip the top rod in the lowered hands. On the exhale, lift the rod, bending only the elbow joints. Continue the exercise until the moment when you will not be able to raise the bar to the chest. Then try to lift to much with the delay in the upper position. Be careful, this exercise can cause injury to the elbows, especially if they've been damaged.