You will need
  • - the original image;
  • - installed Adobe Photoshop.
Open the image of the person you want to make a beautiful press, in Adobe Photoshop. On the keyboard press Ctrl+O or in the File main menu, select "Open...". Specify the media directory in the dialog that appears. Highlight the desired file. Click "Open".
Add two new layers on top of the already existing background. To do this, in the main menu, select the points Layer, the New "Layer..." or press Ctrl+Shift+N.
Fill the newly created layers in gray. Click on the element that displays the foreground color on the toolbar. # Dialog Color Picker (Foreground Color), enter 808080. Press the OK button. Activate the Paint Bucket tool. Click anywhere in the image. Using the Layers panel, switch to the second of the added layers. Again click anywhere in the image.
Change the blend modes of the top two images (gray shaded) layers. Make active the top layer. Change the blending mode to Linear Light. Mode of the second layer set to Soft Light.
Create a shadow behind the image press. Switch to the layer with the blending mode Linear Light. Activate the Burn tool. Select the brush diameter with a low (around 10%) parameter Hardness, using a window that unfolds when clicking on the Brush item in the upper pane. Indicate shadows from the protruding muscles of a press.
Add the basis of glare on the muscles of the press. Activate tool Dodge. Brush on powder evenly over areas of the image that you want to lighten.
Modify the contours of the foundations were created for the image press. Select The Blur Tool. If necessary, change the brush options. Blur the boundaries of shadows and highlights in those places where it is needed.
Make the press more realistic. Switch to the layer with the blending mode to Soft Light. Perform the actions similar to those described in steps 5-7, creating a more accurate and soft contours and muscle definition.
Save the document in PSD format in order to be able to return and edit it later. Use Ctrl+Shift+S. similarly, we can produce and export image in desired format.