You will need
  • The desire to do the piercing.
Try to awaken their parents memories of their youth. It is possible that at this age, they also did piercing or tattoo. If not, let's just remember how important in this age to stand out. Perhaps they will understand you and be on your side.
Young years wonderful...
Maybe your parents just did not come across good examples of neat piercings. Then you should showcase your favourite images on the network. Please note that these photos piercing needs to be as neat as possible.
A good example.
If one of your parents are inclined to adventure, take him to the salon where you plan to do the piercing, and introduce the master. Maybe make a temporary tattoo that a parent felt the atmosphere of the institution, as well as the trends of the new, fresh and daring.
The special atmosphere.
Prepare information for parents about how to get rid of scars after piercing. Knowing that it is possible, parents may be change your mind and allow you to make the desired puncture.