Understand why parents don't want to buy a computer? You may have too little time to devote to the lessons, and with new toys, your performance naturally will be reduced. Think about what fears do parents have. They may worry that the computer will ruin your health, distract from real life and socializing with peers, make discord in the family and will teach you to perform household chores and help mom and dad. And it may be easier, and the parents don't have money to buy. You need to understand that parents do not draw the bills, and earn, sometimes denying yourself something for the happiness of their child.
Think about how you can resolve parental concerns. If they are worried about the care of his beloved dog, promise to walk the dog no matter what. Refrain from spending money and purchasing the third pair of sneakers to the expense of buying the computer.
Resolving concerns, do not deceive parents. If you promise to keep track of progress and play games only when homework done, keep your word. Not worth it to tempt fate just to get the next toy.
If the parents at first refuse, take that decision without emotions, calmly. Do not aggravate the situation, not cry and do not be angry. By doing so, you eliminate the origin of the conflict, obey parental authority. This will allow to easily return to this subject again.
Come up with strong arguments and valid arguments for the purchase of the computer. Try to find not only their benefits, but to find the benefits of this acquisition for the whole family. Make a list and rely on the list when the following conversation. So the behavior you show yourself as an adult.
Prove to parents that the computer is not a toy but a necessary and important thing in the house. Mentally switch places with your parents and see what arguments can be substantial.
Look for a compromise with the parents. You may be able to earn some amount of money to mom and dad added money to buy.
Don't get discouraged if you can't find what you want. Remember that parents want their child only the best. Perhaps you really should wait to buy or buy model is easier and cheaper.