Some of the obstacles

Tattoo can be done eighteen years of age, any adult person can simply go to the salon and to Express such a wish. To get a tattoo at a younger age, you will need not only the desire but also the parents ' consent, recorded in writing, in addition, have to present an identity document.

Mixing tattoo is quite painful and expensive procedure, besides, it is not always effective.

This alone can cool the desire to get a tattoo at fourteen to fifteen years, as parents it is quite difficult to persuade to take such a decision. But this problem is bureaucratic. Aware of technical issues is a serious argument against tattooing at an early age.

Fourteen or fifteen years — a time of rapid growth and hormonal changes. At this time, is still quite difficult to predict how to change the shape and proportions of a person. Therefore, even the most beautiful and detailed tattoo as such natural changes can "swim" to lose its appeal. To fix this may be difficult in the future, and such "overlapping" bad tattoo will result in a considerable amount.

A tattoo is forever!

In addition, many teenagers have very strong tastes and opinions, as a result, they often order aggressive drawings quite a large area. Over time, the views of people change as his views on their body and soul. So after twenty or twenty-five years, many people want to get rid of the tattoo, which was the result of hasty decisions, or again to change it. This is especially true of drawings, drawn on exposed parts of the body — hands, stomach, legs. This regular reminder of the dubious decision can be very annoying, besides, pictures can just be annoying, so better them in places that can be hidden under clothing.

While in search of his image, it is better to experiment with temporary tattoos.

You should also note that tattoos on visible parts of the body can change the perception of other people about their media. And if you wish to build a career in any serious Corporation or to do business, tattoos can seriously hinder you.

Hormonal changes — another reason not to do a tattoo in their Teens. Some tattoo artists believe that during these changes the body ink may not go properly or even cause allergic reactions. It is better to wait until adolescence and then apply the tattoo.