Add to your training program squats and deadlift. If you go to a gym, you can afford going over the bar. Squats and deadlifts will make you keep the muscles of the back and abdomen in tension. Moreover, all muscles will tighten at the same time, including the oblique muscles of the back and abdomen.
Strengthen the press. One of the most common exercises for the muscles of the press are twisting. When performing this exercise it is advisable not to touch the back of the floor at the bottom. So you will keep the abdominal muscles in tension throughout the exercise.But the twisting can be hazardous to your spine. Therefore it is better to do an exercise called the "front strap". Drop down into push-up position or place hands on elbows, and hold this position for a moment or even for half a minute.These exercises can be done at home.
Strengthen your obliques and back. To strengthen them on the bar, pulling your knees to your chest. You can also do side plank.For all muscle useful exercise on the fitball. To engage him is also not necessarily in the fitness club, because you can buy it yourself home - it is not very expensive.
Press the barbell lying down. To build chest muscles, you need to pay attention to this exercise. One of the classic bench press will be enough, so press the rod at various angles and various grips. Also note the dumbbell bench press. Breeding dumbbells hands is also an effective exercise, but only for those people who have just started to exercise with weights. Dips also have a positive impact on your chest muscles and not only to them.
Pull up. The back muscles are strengthened very well, thanks to this simple exercise with its own weight. If you weigh too little, and the back muscles already do not progress through the usual pull-UPS, tie his hip a pancake from the rod or the weight as an additional load.For the widest back muscles effectively lifting barbells or dumbbells in the slope.