The program for the study of topography is largely different from training programs to increase body mass. To pump relief body, it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions in the exercises. The optimal number of repetitions 12-15. Give strength training one hour three times a week. For each workout pick 4-6 main exercises by which you can consistently work out all major muscle groups. Divide exercise different muscle groups by days. For example, on Monday try to explore muscles of the legs, Wednesday – back and chest Friday – arms (biceps, triceps, Delta, forearms).
Two times a week for 30-60 minutes will be dedicated to aerobic exercise. It will start the mechanism of burning of fat between the skin and muscles. The most popular types of aerobic exercise – Cycling, running, skiing, swimming. Do the exercises at a slow pace when training for an hour and an average pace in the classroom for 30 minutes. Aerobic sessions lasting less than 20 minutes will be ineffective. They can be run as warm up before strength training.
Special attention when pumping the relief of the body take nutrition. You need to speed up the metabolism, therefore, to eat better more often, but gradually. Reduce consumption of fats and carbohydrates, increase protein. The ratio should be: 40% protein, 10% fats and 50% carbohydrates. Do not consume carbohydrates and fats immediately after training and before sleep. 30-60 minutes after a workout drink a protein shake.
The food give preference to natural products: fish, cereals, dairy products, eggs, legumes, rye bread, vegetables and fruit. Eliminate fancy bread, white bread, ice cream, frankfurters, pork, pate, and any canned foods. Body fat gets difficult? Can drink fat burners: L-carnitine, guarana, green tea extract, and others.