You will need
  • - One or more case coolers;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - Tools to create holes in the metal case of the system unit - drill, round file;
  • - Material for mitigating vibration of the cooler (dense foam rubber, soft rubber, etc.);
  • - The screws supplied with the cooler.
To start, You need to carefully watch Your system unit and to determine locations for installation of coolers. For this it is necessary to pay attention to such part of the housing, as upper cover, bottom front panel, side cover, end part of the system unit. Remember that the availability of holes depends on the case design. Not always in its upper and lower parts it is possible to find a place for a cooler.The maximum effect can only be achieved if all of the above places for installation of coolers. If you want you can do the body extra holes yourself, or ask friends of craftsmen. In extreme cases you can always find an inexpensive option system unit with the desired design.
Next, you need to identify which parts of the body should install coolers on blowing and on blowing. The best is the option to install an equal number of coolers on blowing and blowing (but do not forget that there is a case that violates this rule). In order to determine where, what cooler to put to denote the necessary conditions to create a good cooling system: do not direct the flow of cold air towards heated, the most heated elements of the hardware of the computer first is to bring fresh air from outside, and then bring the heated air out. Under the aforesaid conditions, offers the option to install a cooler on the front panel has a fan for blowing, top — blowing side — blowing, rear — blowing. This scheme provides a flow of fresh air to all the necessary to cool areas, and then effectively removing it from the case.
There are two main types of suspension rotors cooler is the sleeve bearings (Sleeve bearing) or rolling contact (Ball bearing). The fan may be one or two bearings, and sometimes they combine different styles. The most reliable are considered to be fans with ball bearings. To ensure quiet and efficient work it is necessary to choose the cooler of diameter 120 mm. They have a large area of effective operation, and typically operate at lower rpm, which significantly reduces the level of noise.
In order not to confuse which way it will blow the fan — note the symbol of the direction of air flow, placed on the side of the cooler. Usually there are drawn two arrows — one indicating the direction of rotation of the blades, and the other air flow direction.When connecting make sure the power connectors are fully suitable for installing coolers. When connecting connectors, the efforts should be minimal, otherwise we should think about the correct choice of connector.
After everything is installed, conduct a test run of the system. Occasionally there are situations when the installed cooler. even despite the fact that he just bought or recently oiled. The cause may be resonance with the computer case.To eliminate vibration, you can cut the gasket to fit the size of the cooler and lay it between the case and fan. You will help any material capable of absorbing vibration, such as soft rubber or the like seal for doors.