Advice 1: How to change cooler on the CPU

Any CPU cooler has its period of use. Although the life span of coolers significant, nevertheless sooner or later it can fail. In this case, you will need to replace the old coolerand the new. The process of replacing the coolerand simple, although can be a bit lengthy. To put a new cooler under force even to the beginner.
How to change cooler on the CPU
You will need
  • computer, cooler, screwdriver, thermal grease.
First, remove the old cooler from the system unit. Note that to retrieve need not itself the coolerand the radiator to which it is attached. Carefully study the mounting system of the heatsink on the processor. Usually the heatsink to the motherboard is attached with special fasteners and a few screws. The fasteners can be removed with a special lever. After remove the fasteners of the radiator, Unscrew all the screws. Then disconnect the power cord , the coolerand out of the socket and remove the radiator coolerout of the system unit.
For each model of motherboard suitable for certain types of coolers. To select the correct coolerand need to know the type of socket (connection interface of the CPU) the motherboard. Socket type can be written directly on the motherboard. Copy it. If not specified, the motherboard model should be written on it anyway. Write down the motherboard model, go to the manufacturers website and make a note of the socket of this model.
The next step will be buying a new cooler. Go to the store a computer technician and ask, what coolerdo they have to fit your socket. Choose a cooler to suit your socket type. Find out if bundled with the coolerOhm thermal grease. If not, buy it separately.
Now you can install the new cooler. Wipe off the old dried layer of thermal paste with the processor. If the bad layer of thermal paste is removed, you can use a damp cloth. Now carefully apply a new thin layer of thermal paste on the processor. The kit should go to a special spoon for its application. If not, use the means at hand.
Install a new heatsink on the processor. Lock fastening. If necessary, tighten the screws. Some models of radiators are fixed with clips, the screws for them not to. Connect the power cord , the coolerand the socket near the CPU. Now the new radiator with the coolerohms installed.

Advice 2 : How to change the cooler

Coolers (fans) are used in order to the device in the computer has failed from overheating. But it happens that the standard cooler gives insufficient cooling, or fails and must be replaced. As a rule, change the coolers on the GPU or on the CPU. The procedure for replacing the cooler is not too complicated, but requires concentration and accuracy.
It looks like the cooler on the motherboard
You will need
  • Computer, new cooler, screwdriver
The video card has a cooling system and in most cases, this system is closed by the cover. Carefully remove the card from the mounts on the chassis, then remove them from the holes on the motherboard. Pull very gently as it is easy to damage any fragile item on chips that can lead to complete failure of the motherboard or video card.
And this is the cooler located on the graphics card
On the reverse side of the graphics card is a pair of mounts, which keeps the casing. They need to Unscrew. Now the cooler has direct access. It can be secured either by bolts or by using special latches. It depends on the model and manufacturer. To remove the cooler, Unscrew the bolts, or open the attachment. Now you can install a new fan. Then you need to repeat the procedure in reverse order, that is to put a new cooler, tighten the housing and then install the video card into the appropriate slot of the motherboard. And don't forget to connect the cooler to the power supply (this is important).
The cooler on the CPU is not closed casing. To remove it, not necessary to remove the entire motherboard (with the exception of a few old models where the mounts are on the side of branny). Before doing this we must not forget to disconnect the cooler from power supply. To change the faulty component of the cooling system, you will need to Unscrew the bolt or open the attachment (depending on the method of installation of the cooler). You should exercise extreme caution during this operation. You can damage the CPU or break the attachment. After the cooler is removed, you can put a new one, connecting it to the power supply and tightening everything as it was.
It is likely that the device will be damaged and will stop working. If you doubt yourself, you'd better take the computer to a service center.
Useful advice
Let the cooler do not rattle and no noise, tighten all the bolts until it stops. Of course, not fanaticism: the thread to disrupt it is not worth;

If you want to pry some detail of the mounts, better to do it non-metallic objects. By falling, they can damage the device.
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