You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
On the main page of the website of JSC "RZD" on the left side there is a form to search for travel options.
Enter the station of departure and arrival and select the date of the trip.
The search result will give you all the direct messages of interest to date and information about number of seats and types of cars in each train.
For more information click on the link next to the specific room of the train. The system in response will give information about the types and numbers of cars, the cost of travel and the number of upper and lower seats each.
To learn about availability through the terminal you can use the touch menu on his screen. To obtain the most complete information it is better to choose the option "Schedule". In this case, you will be able to get a picture for each option by selecting it and pressing the "Availability and fares" in the top menu. But you can choose from and the availability of places and then go to schedule.
Set the trip parameters: starting and ending points, departure date. If you don't want to set the time interval for departure, and are interested in all trains during the day, select the "does Not matter".
When you contact the service center or help Desk will notify that you are interested in the availability of places under given conditions of travel: departure date, destination, primary, if you need a return ticket, but if you are going to not go out of the village, where are the stations of departure and arrival.
If the service is paid, make money.