Write the initial details of the addressee, the plaintiff and the defendant in upper-right corner of the sheet, which is traditionally assigned to specify this information. Start with the name of the court , which you will give your statement for consideration, and its location. Directly beneath, write the surname, name, patronymic and home address of the plaintiff and then in the same way the coordinates of the defendant. Do not forget to inform your contact phone number for communication. In the center of the sheet, place the title of the document "Claim statement", and briefly the subject of appeal to the court: "establishing paternity".
A substantial part of start with a description of the circumstances of the case. Be, if possible, brief and to the point. Specify name of defendant, date of marriage with him, the period of cohabitation and the name of a child born in this marriage. Inform the court about the failure of the defendant to acknowledge the claim and provide evidence of living together and raising a child, maintaining a common household, etc. At the end of the list the articles of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, allowing you to demand recognition by the Respondent of paternity.
Next, refer to the court with a list of your requirements to the defendant. For this purpose, after the word "Please" list them point by point. And the first of them will start with "Set" (that the defendant is the father of the child). The second paragraph (if necessary): "to Recover from the defendant". And the third will contain a request to call and question witnesses listed in the proof of the claim.
In the final part of the list in the Apps section all the documents that will be presented to the court together with the claim statementm. This is the receipt for payment of registration fee, copy of birth certificate of the child, a copy of the statement of claim, proof of the defendant's income and documents confirming the legitimacy of your claim to the defendant. Specify the date of the application for your signature.