You will need
  • -to collect a package of documents; -to apply to the notary.
If you are an heir under the law or under the will in order to join the right of inheritance, you need to initiate proceedings for acceptance of the inheritance, the first stage of which is the opening of the inheritance. According to article 1113 of the civil code the basis for the opening of the inheritance is the death of the testator.
Inheritance is responsible for the notary. In order for heritage to open, contact a notary at the last place of residence of the testator or the location of the property (if not known place of residence), a statement of acceptance of inheritance or a statement on the issue of a certificate of inheritance. On the official website of the notary chamber of the corresponding region (region), you can find the address of the notary the right plot. The ability to access legacy exists within 6 months from the date of death of the testator (the exceptions stipulated in article 1155 of the civil code).
Statement of acceptance of inheritance apply personally at the reception of the notary or through the persons to whom you have given the proper authorization. During the first call to the notary on the question of opening the inheritance, with a need to have the passport and the death certificate of the deceased (original and copy). To confirm the relationship between the applicant and the testator, the notary must submit a birth certificate, certificate of marriage or certificate of divorce by changing the names, etc. documents. Need also the extract from the house register and a certificate of actual residence of the deceased. They are issued at the passport office (passport and visa service) at the last place of residence of the deceased. The help should include all who lived together with the testator on the day of his death. So the notary will determine the number of persons interested in the opening of the inheritance. In addition, to confirm the rights of the testator in the property subject to inheritance, pass the notary the appropriate title documents (e.g. certificate of ownership of the apartment). If the inheritance is a bequest, submit it to the notary stamp notary office that it was not canceled and did not change.
After receiving these documents, the notary starts a probate case, a record of the applications for membership in the inheritance, shall notify heirs and interested persons about the fact of opening of the inheritance. The notary may also request documents necessary for the proceedings, to take measures for the protection and management of hereditary property and to carry out other actions necessary for registration of inheritance rights.
Take a notary certificate of opening of the inheritance and queries within the organization, from which information necessary for the production of a hereditary cause.