Try to restore or to duplicate documents proving your relationship with the deceased. If not, contact the court.
Write a statement that confirm the relationship documented you can't describe the treatment of the bodies. Attach the documents that you were given, citing the refusal, for example, a written certificate from the registry office about the lack of necessary information. Specify for what purpose you need to establish the fact of kinship, for example, to take the inherited property.
Make a statement in the name of the court, personal details, their place of residence, telephone number. Enter information about the people involved, their place of residence or location of organization. Check the list attached to the application documents (photocopies). Pay the state fee in the amount of 200 rubles, to do this in any branch of the Bank receipt and attach to the application. Sign the document and date it.
Don't be late for the hearing. The judge will ask questions concerning the existence of any fact establishing whom you ask, its legal values, and the conditions under which a valid recognition of the relationship with a particular person. After reviewing the documents, the judge retires to the decision room, where it makes a decision on the case.
Bring witnesses who can confirm your words, unable to rely on written evidence, for example, personal correspondence, photographs, etc., Use any information that can help you in establishing blood ties. If you refused to issue duplicates of the required documents, write a petition to the court. At the request of the justice authorities, no institution has no right to refuse.
Check for discharge from the house register about the registration, copies of the personal account, it is possible that you have a power of attorney to certain acts, issued in your name and notarized in accordance with the norms of the civil code. This will help to establish a legal fact. In accordance with paragraph 4 of the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 25.10.1996, № 9 "On application by courts of the RF IC in cases of paternity and alimony", for example, in the case of death of the person who acknowledged paternity of the child but was not married to his mother, the court on the basis of article 50 of the RF IC has the right to establish the fact of recognition of paternity.
Keep in mind that the court will deny the restoration of the fact of kinship between the testator and heirs of each subsequent turn, if there are relatives of the previous line has already been entered into the inheritance of property. The exception only applies when, for example, received a waiver from the authorities that the amendments to the documents and records have been impossible due to various reasons. Or when they can't be restored the necessary documents.