You will need
  • Collection of tasks of the exam, Handbook of elementary mathematics
The most important thing in preparation for the Unified State Exam in mathematics is to determine the structure of the exam. Simply put, you need to understand what knowledge you need. To do this you have to see the most important document - specifier exam in mathematics, which clearly painted, what topics of school course correspond to the tasks of the KIMS (control and measuring materials).
The exam for mathematics consists of two parts. The first part requires the student knowledge of basic formulas of mathematics and the ability to solve simple typical problems. For the writing you need to learn basic formulas of trigonometry (basic trigonometric identity, the definition of sine and cosine, formulas cast), to be able to solve quadratic equations and logarithmic inequalities. To successfully address this part you need to solve many simple problems from the book.
The solution part will require you to write not only the answer, as in part b, but also a detailed record of the solution. If you want to get the maximum points out of this creative section of the exam, then you should follow the following algorithm. First, select a task from the section of mathematics that is closest to you. This may be the solution to inequalities or geometry. Next you need to write the basic formulas for the task with detailed comments. For geometric tasks also need to complete the picture. For the correct figures, and schemes, the Commission gives extra points. Therefore, when preparing for the exam you have to choose the partitions of tasks are going to solve.
Of particular importance in the exam plays problem solving. You need to learn to clearly understand the condition of the problem (finding the digital options) and the desired result. A lot of tasks from the exam relate to percent. You should learn to find the percent of numbers and to translate the decimal into a percentage. This will help you to pass exam in mathematics.