You will need
  • Test materials from past years, the collection of tests, a Handbook of elementary mathematics
The structure of the exam in mathematics is such that it is divided into two parts. In the first part must be written in the form of answers, a decimal fraction or a whole number corresponding to the correct answer. To solve the first 6 tasks of this part need to know basic algebraic formulas, beginning trigonometry (basic trigonometric identity) and simple geometric relations. For their development it is enough to study any book of elementary mathematics.
The remaining tasks In part require the use of typical techniques of the exam. Necessarily get understanding of typical tasks. Work the exam in previous years. To solve the problem on performance you need to build a table - this will allow you to quickly find the answer.
For the solution of tasks From part C must have advanced knowledge of mathematics. You must learn to solve logarithmic and trigonometric inequalities to prove the theorems of geometry and learn the properties of geometric shapes and bodies. the Fifth task part is a system of equations with parameters. To solve it you need to be able to solve quadratic equations. Find the discriminant of each equation and record it via a parameter. Then use the condition that only non-negative discriminant, the equation has roots. Now you will be able to find them.
The sixth task part is the hardest. But we need to decide too, to get the 100 points on the exam. The roots of an equation with two variables you can choose, replacing each of them on a trigonometric function. You can make a drawing (the intersection of the line which is the solution set of the equation) or use the introduction of the new parametric axis. Helps some not very logical at first glance, but quite effective solution is to find the roots intuitively, and then to understand and justify their choice.
And yet, to get the full points for the exam in mathematics, you need to clearly justify their decision in part C. Write a brief, but clear. It is advisable to draw a picture for each task parts, except 1 and 3, he added the extra points.