You will need
  • - list of issues and questions;
  • - educational literature;
  • paper, pen.
To start, take the Methodist course with a list of examples of issues and questions for the exam. Check them out and divide into groups according to the level of your knowledge.
Prepare teaching materials and lecture notes. Good to get a book with examples and analysis of solutions to typical problems in mathematical analysis. Use only recommended by the teacher textbook - you may come across very similar tasks during the exam.
Start with the most difficult for you. Let us consider some examples of tasks for each topic and try to solve the task independently, comparing their response with that given in the book. Write down on a sheet of formulas and diagrams solutions. Do the same with more people you topics after mastering the difficult material.
Next collect the answers to all theoretical questions, noting them in tutorials or lectures in pencil. Try not just to memorize the steps in theorems, and to understand their essence. Especially difficult time for you write it down on paper.
Write down the questions that seemed unclear to you, and be sure to ask the teacher for advice before the exam.
The day before the exam, review the list of questions and present the plan of response to them, try to remember the formulas that are used in the solution of certain problems, parasite at least one example from each topic. If any of you have difficulty, repeat the topic.
Make a small cheat sheet with formulas you can't remember.