You will need
  • Benefits to prepare for the exam in algebra, the Internet, computer programs for preparation for the exam, services of the tutor.
Look and decide yourself, or with someone's help, demo version of exam in algebra for the school year when you will be tested. Carefully deal with jobs of all levels.
Consult the services of a professional tutor, if you are not able to prepare for the exam independently. You can ask your teacher to give the necessary explanations on unclear issues, but the teacher is not obligated to conduct a free consultation after class.
Buy the program for preparation for the exam on computer disks, engage in deep study of the subject with them. Systematically engage in the practical solution of various types of jobs, this can be done through the Internet: the network is great number of conditions of the test tasks, the preparation for the exam.

Use the official website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements. On the pages of this website you will be able to find as fresh demo version of exam in algebra and many other useful materials for the preparation for the test. Here you will find information about the benefits that it is best to use when preparing for the exam in algebra. The page address of this website:
Decide for yourself from the textbook and other study materials problems of high complexity, to develop their mathematical knowledge and skills that will help you to recruit a large number of points on the final test in algebra.