German shepherd – this dog is smart and Executive, so much difficulty with her training, you will not have. But the process was easy, learn the features of this breed. From the name of the breed is clear that she was bred for grazing. Therefore, in the German shepherd instinct of persecution – these dogs love to chase animals and sometimes people.At the beginning of the training process you must give the dog to understand that you are her commander, "the leader of the pack". In any case do not let the dog to feel like home, don't let her control the process of training. If you are not completely to control the dog, she just won't obey commands.
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The dog should only be one trainer. If you took on this role, then you need to do with it all, walk it, feed it, play with it and do not give these responsibilities to anyone. In addition, the more time you spend with the dog, the more trust will develop between you. If the dog will trust you, he will listen.However, this does not mean that the dog needs to prohibit communication with other family members. This is valid only in the case if you train a service dog. If you just decided to train your pet basic commands, let others play with it.
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As the shepherd belongs to the herding dog, it needs constant exercise. Let her every day to run pretty long distances, allow you to play with other dogs. If possible, organize classes in the pool – let him swim. Without regular training, the dog will feel bad.
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Teach the dog basic commands such as "Sit", "Down", "Place", "Fu", "Next". Remember that all these commands need to teach the animal is still a puppy. The concept places the dog does need to train in the moment when you first bring her home. Show her where she will sleep and say, "Place!". From time to time we refer to the puppy and remind him that this is his place. Very soon he will get used to it.To teach puppy "Sit" and "Lie", you have to first yourself to sit down and put the puppysaying a command. Want the dog to remember the command "heel" on a walk from time to time give him the command and gently pull to yourself leash. Always encourage the dog for the job – the German shepherd is your praise particularly important.
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