Make a brief outline of the material studied. Its presence is a good psychological factor before the exam. Synopsis allows you to easily and quickly recall the material studied. Write down and highlight the most important formulas (with color or underline).
In the study of some physical law please note in the experiments that detect this law and confirm its validity, scope and conditions of applicability.
In addition to basic concepts, regulations, laws, and principles of the theory, note the experiments which had produced this theory, and experiments confirming its validity.
Remember how to use this theory in practice. When studying any physical process, you need to understand how they are used (or how to deal with them if it's harmful manifestations of processes) into practice. In addition to substantiation of the basic properties of the process from the point of view of physics and mathematics, it is necessary to show its connection with other processes.
Answer the test questions at the end of the paragraph. This will help to better absorb and repeat the theory.
One of the criteria of assimilation theory is the ability to solve problems. Experience solving problems (even the simplest) will provide you with the successful assimilation of theoretical material.
Consider your individual characteristics. If you have visual type of memory, you should pay special attention to the external form of your brief synopsis. Unacceptable sloppy, illegible, small handwriting. Formulas should be separated from the text some space to "evident" at once.If you have an auditory memory, you should discuss the most important part of the material, use a tape recorder to prepare. If the engine is the predominant type of memory, summary need to rewrite several times. Every time, you need to delete what you have already learned well enough, leaving for rewriting only the most necessary.
Use memorization techniques in tandem. Most people have all types of memory are well developed (but, as a rule, one or two a few prevail), so you should not neglect all simple rules to remember.