You will need
  • Calculator, materials on the exam, Handbook of physics.
The first part of the test materials in physics (part A) - this is a test where you need to choose the correct answer (four options). As a rule, in the first part requires knowledge of basic physical laws and formulas. This part is one of the most important, because of the delivery of part And up to sixty percent of the total test score. For delivery of parts And desirable to work for many simple tasks from the collections of the exam.
For delivery of part V, in which the learner is required the decision of tasks of average difficulty and write the answer in the form, you need to understand the algorithm of solution of tasks in two or three steps. First, write the main equation (after the substitution of values in which you will receive a response). Then, write down those formulas, which are integral elements of the settlement. The maximum use of the values stated in the condition. The specificity of the exam is such that all provided data you need to use to get the answer. After you record the value of "complementary" formulas in the calculation, you will be able to answer.
Part C - the most creative part of the exam. It is necessary in detail to solve the problem and record their answer on a special form. First select the tasks that seem the most simple. All tasks of part C to solve almost impossible, so you need to choose a task from the most convenient section of physics. It is very important to understand the condition of creative tasks and make the correct pattern. You can then use the shared advice on solving problems from the previous step and you have to paint your task.