Take into account only the passport, the individual decal, black gel pen and allowed additional equipment. In the office, take a seat, which will be indicated by the organizer. Subsequently, without his permission you cannot leave your seat or change seats with another student.
Prior to the exam, the teacher may ask you to take additional equipment to check whether it complies with the established standards. On the math test are allowed to use a ruler, in chemistry – non-programmable calculator for physics you can take both of these items on the exam on geography – a ruler, protractor and calculator. If the equipment does not meet the standards, the organizer is entitled to withdraw it before the end of the exam.
Having an individual set of the exam, open it up and check the number of forms and their quality – view, nepropitannoy fragments or other typographical marriage. If one or more of forms of damaged, request that the organizer has completely replaced you a package of tasks.
After hearing the explanation of the teacher, fill in blanks of the exam. If you have any questions on their design, do not consult with other students and do not take them samples of the negotiations and the exchange of items on the exam is prohibited. For all questions contact to the head.
During the exam you are entitled to withdraw from the study. Before you do that, turn all forms and drafts to the teacher. Outside the office, as well as it is forbidden to use cellular connection or go from the PDA to the Internet.
For assignments with a free form answer you can take an optional form. If you understand that one of the submitted sheet is not enough, ask the head of another form No. 2.
If you have completed all assignments ahead of time or are sure that some of them cannot make at all desire, can leave the exam early. All the forms and turn in drafts to the head. On the blank parts of the form the teacher should make a line with the letter Z. your pass it should be noted how many forms you have passed and how many walked out of the exam.
Students who did not go to the exam before its completion, the teacher may be asked to remain in office. You need at least three students that will ensure that the head sealed; all submitted materials in the return package, write on it the number and type of forms.
If you do not agree with the test procedure, appeal immediately after his graduation. Ask the head of the form, write in it your personal details and list their grievances. Make a second instance of the application. Sign under both the statements and give them to the signature of the authorized representative of the state examination Commission. One copy of the appeal must remain representative of the SEC, and the second – you.