Djungarian hamsters are very clean animals. They wash and comb the fur of the paws every day. Therefore, frequent washing of these animals is not recommended. Noticing any, the slightest, barely noticeable dirt on their fur, do not rush to put the hamster in water. Instead of swimming, which is a real stress, clean animal ordinary damp cloth.
мыть хомячков
If Djungarian hamster managed to get dirty so that the contamination is not clean even with a damp cloth, no bathing can not do. A valid reason for this unpleasant for the animal treatments is the emergence of parasites.
болеют хомяки
Wash Djungarian hamsters should only be warm, but in any case not in hot water. Type it in a small container, for example, in a basin or plastic bowl.
различить хомяка или хомячиху
Moisten the fur of the hamster. Be careful not to let water get into the eyes and ears of the animal. Remember that any shampoo tends to foam. So namasivaya pet very carefully, just one finger. For minor contamination, you can do without using shampoo.
джунгарский хомяк как определить возраст
If the fur of the animal you will notice any parasites, use to wash the hamster normal, and special antiparazitarny shampoo, which can be purchased at any pet store.
джунгарики-как отличить самку от самца
Rinse the foam with fur hamster very carefully. Use plenty of lukewarm water. Watch carefully so it does not get into the eyes and ears of the animal. Ultimately ensure that all foam with fur and calf hamster washed away.
Thoroughly dry the fur of the hamster after a bath soft towel or Hairdryer set to the lowest setting drying. Jungar hamsters are extremely prone to cold, so coat it dry until then, until you are sure that the kid does not freeze. Remember that a hamster with wet hair is very vulnerable to draughts.